Where are you in the Moon System?

A (hopefully) helpful guide to understanding the classes in the Moon System.

Sector 1-[

Experienced Dreamer-[

An Experienced Dreamer is someone who has dreamed for a longer time than regular dreamer, other indicators of someone being an Experienced Dreamer include using a more durable dream format.



A Dreamer is someone who simply dreams.]


Sector 2-[


A Valiant is someone who with help from a Dream Documentor professional, documents dreams using a permanent format.]


A Warrior is someone who helps protect the dreamscape by all means.]


A Great is someone who is in power over the 1st sector.]


Sector 3-[


A Moon is someone who has evolved past the dreamscape and has power over all lower layers.]

Moon Maxima-[

A Moon Maxima is the ultimate being, holding power over everything from the dreamscape to the fabric of reality. (Only 1 Moon Maxima is known to exist, Dreamakkar.)]