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ye olde songes (info about a purple bag)

a purple bag was recorded late december 2020-early/mid february 2021

these recordings come from 3 distinct eras

era 1. december recordings (no more goodbyes)

that names pretty ironic now

anyways, the no more goodbyes recordings spanned over a total 9 songs

these recordings were usually an acoustic guitar playing really bad melodies for a few minutes while i whisper around 1-3 lines for the entire song

but after the no more goodbyes era ended, a new one bega.

era 2. january recordings (the #5 music)

the #5 music was my way to experiment with more traditional songs, i used multiple guitars, drums, noise, and my vocals

unlike the NMG recordings, the lyrics were usually written out and then improvised a bit more

an ep was in the making, but it got cancelled

era 3. february recordings (chalk)

chalk was pretty much just a more refined version of the #5 music, less whispery vocals, etc.