welcome back home discs more from those fish

main albums

the orangest juice (coming soon)


time to find yourself: the shortest ep (march 2021)

recorded as a joke on march 3rd, 2021

1. rubby bulbs (neutral milk hotel cover

2. MEAT!

3. now im gone

4. lullaby for acorns (demo short version)

5. untitled groove

6. e to sea part 1

7. e to sea part 2

8. now i am done with this song

9. work into the distance

10. let me be

11. ending

other albums

a purple bag. (feb 2021)

a collection of pre ccarpc recordings, tracklist below.

1. down

2. goodbye bells/induced town

3. proto satan cowboy

4. door

5. wind

6. interlude

7. chalk (blackberry pattern

8. now i am waiting

9. the time apple

10. outro (rainbow bike guy